Hi there. It's me, Amanda. :) 

I'm a creative designer by trade, but a knowledge seeker at heart. What does that mean? Basically that I've made a career out of what I'm best at and will always seek to improve on. Shopper marketing is my realm, but I'd love to venture out and expand my portfolio. 

Non-Career Related Random Tidbits of Information

Cat Lady - I have two. They infiltrate my Instagram.

Bodybuilding - Former bikini bodybuilding competitor. No longer competitive, but always trying to improve. 

Drones - I can fly tiny drones... terribly. I also have 7 of them because I have a problem.

Geek - I frequently geek out on science fiction, DC, Marvel, Kaiju, Gundams, Miyazaki, K-Drama's, and more. 

Charley Harper - Love his style and even have a tattoo of his work.

Trinkets - Collector of trinkets and all tiny cute things. ^_^

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